Our Ecommerce ERP Structure

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software configured for online commerce. This system allows e-commerce businesses to integrate their sales and internal operations, enhancing efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Techzone Consultancy offers impartial guidance and analysis on e-commerce ERP options.

ERP systems for e-commerce can assist with

Ecommerce ERP systems can help you integrate all aspects of your business to create a seamless and consistent customer experience. In addition, they can keep you apprised of evolving industry trends by informing you of recent developments in ecommerce software.

In addition, these systems facilitate the compilation of accurate reports based on actual data instead of merely historical data.

Our Process


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Customers can interact with your ecommerce website in real time, granting you access to crucial data in real-time. This data is used to produce actionable reports and projections.

Increased consumer participation will improve the online experience of your customers. Customers can be informed when the production process begins, when the item is packaged, and when it is shipped, resulting in transparent process management.

  • • You can generate reports regarding your business's performance, sales, refunds, and inventory levels. In addition, you can assess your company's profitability and determine who is conducting specific duties.

  • • When every employee uses the ERP system as the centralized system of record, productivity increases through the automation of their activities, including the automatic monitoring of inventory reductions during order fulfilment and the creation of an automated process for purchase order requests.

  • • Similar to product information management, price management allows for the administration of product pricing within the ERP. You can modify your response to various consumers. For instance, if customer number one has negotiated prices but customer number two, a new customer, has not, the relevant information can be transmitted to the ecommerce platform.


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